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Monday 5th September
08:00 Philip Rowlands V Jason Greenslade  
09:00 Janice Gower V Les Gillett  
10:00 Philip Rowlands V Janice Gower  
11:00 Jason Greenslade V Les Gillett  
12:00 Les Gillett V Philip Rowlands  
13:30 Jason Greenslade V Janice Gower  
14:45 Finalist V Finalist  
Tuesday 6th September
08:00 Brett Arkley V Simon Skelton  
09:00 Robert Paxton V Nicholas Brett  
10:00 Brett Arkley V Robert Paxton  
11:00 Simon Skelton V Nicholas Brett  
12:00 Nicholas Brett V Brett Arkley  
13:30 Simon Skelton V Robert Paxton  
14:45 Finalist V Finalist  
Latest Statistics

Latest Statistics

Mon Aug 29

Rebecca Field has won 5 of her 8 games this year.

Mervyn King has finished in either 1st or 2nd in his last 9 events.

Danny Brown is in 9th place in the Champion of Champions table and is statistically the 12th best player in 2016.

Jarrad Breen has finished in 2nd place in his last 3 events.

Game (Head to Head record in brackets)                           Prediction                                      

Field (0) v (0) King           &n...

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